A Birth Preparation Guide for Today's Woman

Each birth holds the entire universe in itself and all births are connected to one anoth-er. 

To all women… 

A word of caution

The activities and dietary recommendations included in this book may not be suitable for all expectant mothers. Please consult with your doctor before performing or follow-ing them. 



0-3 Months A Bombshell Of A Gift

· The Baby

· The Mother

· The Soul

· Nutrition and Physical Activity

· Preparation

         Working with a midwife or a doula

· Music, Book, and Movie Recommendations

3-6 Months Growing With Your Baby

· The Baby

· The Mother

· The Soul

· Nutrition

         Supplementary Drinks


· Physical Activity



· Music, Book, and Movie Recommendations

Stages of Labor

· Early Labor Phase (Latent)

· Soft Transitional Labor Phase (Latent)

· Active Labor Phase

· Transitional Phase

· Resting Stage

· Descent Stage

· Delivery Stage

· Birth Of The Placenta

· First Hours Following The Birth

6-9 Months Not Long Now

· The Baby

· The Mother

· The Soul

· Preparation

         What is Birth Plan Template?

· Nutrition

         Breathing Exercises

         Labor Positions

· Music, Book, and Movie Recommendations


· Making A Birth Plan And Preparing The Delivery Room

· Lists

· Who Will I Notify When I Go Into Labor?

· Newborn Baby Essentials

· Who Can Help After The Birth And How? 40 Precious Days!

· Useful Tips For Fathers During Delivery


· The History of Midwifery

· Pregnancy and Multivitamins

· Reports by the World Health Organization

· The Statistics for Cesarean Section Rates in the World


Burcu Kutluk


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