Soft Transitional Labor Phase (Latent)

 Cervix is dilated 3-4 cm and is softening

 The baby’s head is still situated low in the pelvis

 Waves occur every 10-12 minutes and last about 30-40 seconds

Physical signs

 Contractions take longer and are more intense

 Mucus plug keeps coming out

 There is a high possibility of the amniotic sac rupturing

Emotional reactions

 A lingering feeling of uncertainty, thinking, “Am I in labor?”

 Chatty, confident, nervous, and worried by turns

 Distracted by contractions and lightly surprised

What can the mother do?

 Alternate between resting and walking around

 When you are unable to talk through or walk during contractions, try focusing on the breathing techniques

 Try to relax during contractions

 You can eat watery and light foods

 Try to urinate once every hour

 You can take a warm shower

 Notify your doctor or midwife

What can the father do?

 Spend time with the mother by walking around or watching a movie together

 You can track the time between contractions periodically

 You can try to keep the mother relaxed during the waves

 You can give her a massage and help with fluid intake

 You can help the mother get ready to leave for the hospital

 You can practice the breathing techniques with her during the contractions

 You can help her with position support

 You can take photographs


Burcu Kutluk


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