Resting Stage

This stage takes place right before the birth of the baby.

 Cervix is 10 cm dilated, it’s fully open

 The baby’s head is in the birth canal

 Waves pause for 5-15 minutes

Physical signs

• No urge to push

• No waves

• It’s like everything comes to a sudden halt

• This is when the body begins to release adrenaline

Emotional reactions

• Increased excitement due to surge in energy

• It feels like this very moment is the right time for the birth, complete readiness

• Increased focus, total alertness

• Humorous demeanor, joking around

What can the mother do?

• Just focus on the birth and enjoy it

What can the father do?

• Just focus on the birth and enjoy it

• Be patient

• Help the mother change positions if necessary

• Try to comfort the mother, give her some water or help her rinse her mouth


Burcu Kutluk


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