First Hours Following the Birth

 The mother, the father, and the baby are together for the first time

 The mother’s perineum is looked at, ice is applied if necessary

 The baby is nursed

 Both the mother’s and the baby’s vitals are checked

 Uterine stiffness (bleeding) is checked

 The family should be provided with privacy

Physical signs

• Shivering

• Pain in the vagina as it is examined

• Hunger

• Contractions in the uterus while nursing the baby

• Issues with urinating

Emotional reactions

• A feeling of emptiness, relief

• Confusion or adoration

• The pleasure of nursing

• The need to talk and evaluate the situation

What can the mother do?

• Get some rest and relax

• Talk to the baby, caress and kiss it

• Nurse the baby

• Eat and drink something


Burcu Kutluk


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