Early Labro Phase (Latent)

The preparation phase that leads to birth could last a few days or shorter

 Cervix dilates 1-2 cm

 The baby’s head is situated lower in the pelvis

 Waves occur every 30-20 minutes and last about 20 seconds

Precursory signs of labor

 Contractions below the stomach (feels like period cramps)

 Increased back pain

 Surge of energy

 Bowel movements 

 Various changing contractions

 Sudden and severe cramps

 Losing the mucus plug

 Various vaginal discharge

Emotional reactions

 Questioning whether what’s happening is the birth pains

 A variety of feelings ranging from excitement to doubt and anxiety

 Being distracted 

 Trying to anticipate the process of labor or going to the hospital too early

 Beginning the preparations too early

What can the mother do?

 Pack your bag

 Get some rest, diversify your range of activity 

 Focus on your daily tasks, such as knitting or cooking

 Go on a walk

 Take a shower

 Eat a meal

 Listen to music

 Visit with friends

 Go to sleep if it’s nighttime

 Try the breathing techniques if the waves last too long

What can the father do?

 Try to cheer the mother up

 Get some rest

 Distract the mother, you can take her to the movies or out on a walk

 You can play games such as backgammon, etc.

 You can give the mother a massage to help her relax

 You can keep time on the contractions to see how long they last

 You can plan for the last-minute to-dos


Burcu Kutluk


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