Delivery Stage

 Perineum bulges

 Part of the baby’s head and its hair is visible

 Waves make the mother push every 2 minutes

Physical signs

Baby’s head doesn’t go back in anymore

 Perineum stretches

 The mother may be instructed to not push

 Burning sensation and stretching in the vaginal wall

 First, the crown of the head comes out, followed by the forehead and the face, then the baby turns, its shoulders come out, and finally, the baby slides out

Emotional reactions

• Astonishment

• Uneasiness

• Fear, concentration, and the feeling of awe

• The need to know if the baby’s healthy or not

• Relief after the birth

• Desire to hold the baby, curiosity

What can the mother do?

• Listen to the instructions about pushing

• If you want, you can touch the baby’s head and watch it in the mirror as it’s born

• Touch the baby’s skin and feel the joy of birth

What can the father do?

• Leave the pushing management to the midwife and the doctor

• Don’t rush the mother

• Support the mother’s position

• Cut the umbilical cord if you like

• Share in the joy of the birth

• The placenta separates from the uterine wall and falls into the uterus, do not panic

• The mother pushes the placenta out as instructed, do not panic

• If there is tearing or episiotomy was performed, cuts are stitched together, do not panic


Burcu Kutluk


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