How to get started!

Ok, so I have enrolled, what do I do now?

Working through the course content is mostly self paced. 

This means, you read through the written work, follow the audio meditation practices, and art works in your own time during the week.

Everyone in the community is at a different stage of their journey through the materials and thru their jouney of bringing new life to our communities.

Self paced means that you can engage with the materials at time that suit you depending on your need at the specific stage of your pregnancy.

Start at Week 1, and give yourself time to work through each aspect of the course before moving ahead.   (NOTE:  WEEK 1 will be released xxxx date). 

Sometimes you might find that life gets busy and you ‘fall behind’.  Simply keep going where you left off, and feel free to reach out on the forums if you find you are ‘stuck’.  You won’t be the only one, and it can make the world of difference hearing from other women or  parents to be  trying to find time and space to do the course.

How do I ask questions and connect with others?

Holding space is about being with others without judgement. It doesn’t require you to be anyone other than who you are, although a lot of times we need to let go of our own prejudices or preconceived ideas about ourselves and others to really hold space for another.


The pre-birth Community in your course library is a place you can ask questions and connect with Burcu and other women or families who are in the community.

Posting in forums can be easy for some people and hard for others.  Our community is a supportive space with plenty of likeminded families, so please feel free to ask questions and share your wins or challenges there as you move through the course. 

If you haven’t already, say hi here!

Webinars and Circles

Currently, we are offering weekly webinars for questions and a monthly circle space for deeper sharing and connection. 

These are held via zoom, and dates can be found pinned to the top of forums in the PreBİrth Community’. 

Links to zoom room’s are sent to you the night before the event, and will be emailed to you directly, or can be found pinned at the top of the forum. 

You can attend live, or you can ask questions ahead of time and watch the replays when they are posted in the forum. 

We look forward to getting to know you and your growing family over the coming weeks! 


Burcu Kutluk


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