3-6 Months Growing With Your Baby

You are now in the second trimester of your pregnancy, your hormones, which have been all over the place, have calmed down a little and you can get a break (hopefully). With this hormonal transition, your thoughts and feelings might be balanced a little bit better as well. You can now begin to become physically active (yoga, walking, pilates, dancing, swimming, etc.), manage your diet, and plan for your life with a baby.

If it’s not a planned pregnancy or maybe even if it is planned, you might have some concerns. Is your home suitable for life with a baby? If you have other kids, how will you achieve a balance? How is your extended family going to take the news? What does your partner think about it? How urgently will you need to go back to work after the birth? Do you have any older relatives who will help you out? If you do, do they live near you or far away? These are only some of the examples. However, rest assured that life has the duration of pregnancy planned out so flawlessly that you can find all the answers you need during these 6 months. Your physical energy rises so that you can both physically and spiritually prepare yourself for your new life.

As your baby slowly and sweetly grows inside of you, you have the task of iden-tifying the most important variables in your life, getting everything settled, and creating the ideal home. Of course, the definition of an ideal home is different for everyone. What matters is that you have a home where you feel that you and your baby can live and grow happily and in good health, which is not an exact science. Sometimes, the issues we fear the most are the easiest to solve, and other times things are just outright challenging. Eventually, everything just falls into place. Keep your spirits up and don’t linger over things that’ll take time to resolve. Keep your mind open, imagine the kind of life you want, do your best and focus on the sunnier side of pregnancy, because preg-nancy goes by so very quickly…


Burcu Kutluk


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