0-3 Months a Bombshell of a Gift

Pregnancy catches every woman at a unique moment in her life. Some women wait for it for their entire lives and some just become pregnant completely unexpectedly. Some women become mothers at a very young age while others prepare to welcome their babies later in life. Some might find out that they are pregnant at the height of their career, as they are about to move abroad, or while they mourn the recent loss of a loved one. Each woman starts out on this precious journey in her own unique way. Pregnancy might be a step forward into a brand new life, as well as an obligation to let certain things go.

No matter the conditions, the news of pregnancy drops into the center of your life like a bomb, and, I believe, comes as a “gift” to those who choose to go through this experience.

An enormous gift!

Pregnancy is often tracked in weeks because a lot of change occurs in the baby, the mother, and life. We can now begin to take a closer look into all those developments that will eventually come together and form an amazing whole. 

I have divided the stages of this miraculous, 36-42-week journey into three parts.

The first part, or the first trimester, consists of the first three months; it’s the peri-od when you are trying to cope with the early symptoms of pregnancy and when your body tries to adapt to pregnancy. The first trimester is the very important period when your baby begins to form inside of you


Burcu Kutluk


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