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Channeling Life

A Holistic Guide to Pregnancy and Birth.

An eight week 'live' online program with lifelong results.

Becoming pregnant brings great joy but also many questions arise for the first-time mother. How to best nourish my body? What movements and exercise will keep me safe and strong? How to help my mind stay calm and present?

Channeling Life is a six-part course and community to help you move on this path with enthusiasm and trust in the primal miracle of life. Taking an integrated approach, you will be guided deep into your feminine instinct, wisdom, and inner strength. Each trimester will be considering the needs of women, baby, and the soul; as well as nutrition, exercise and more to help you transform fear into courage and joy.

What You Get

Guided Movements



Music, movie and book suggestions

Payment Plan


$80 USD/m


  • Eight 2 hr LIVE healing and meditation circles with Emma and Eleanor
  • Three 1 hr group Connected Play coaching and live Q&A with Emma and Eleanor
  • Guided Connected Play video sessions
  • Six-module curriculum (professional videos, audios, meditations, worksheets)
  • Lifetime access to the program materials
  • Access to community forums (almost 1000 members!)
  • Exclusive ‘members only prices’ for future LIVE Reconnected Parenting courses 
  • Bonus #1 Strong Willed Child Course. $150 USD value. 
  • Bonus #2 Sensitive Child Webinar. $150 USD value.
  • Bonus #3 Anger Webinar. $150 USD value.
  • Extra materials: Connecting With Teens.

Meet Your Guide



Certified Yoga Teacher, certified alchemy of touch therapist, , doula ( to be this year ), breath facilitator, keynote speaker, natural birth advocate, actress, model, TV host and programmer. author, mother of Arven.

She was born in Istanbul. She is trilingual. She studied in Brussels’s Dames de Marie High school and completed Galatasaray Lycée in İstanbul, which followed her BA study at Yıldız Technical University (French-English Interpretation), upon completion she studied on the Environmental Management at Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in Belgium where she lived for 5 years.

It was at the center of her personal journey to perceive life as a material and spiritual whole, to discover trust in the invisible and unknown, to grow as a human being and to feel universal compassion. After a sucessful career as an actress and model, she went to India where she lived over 4 years in which she has continued developing skills around body/mind awareness.

Having experienced the miraculous birth and practice of natural delivery of her daughter, her first book, “Birth” got published three years later by Artemis Publishing House in February 2019. She has become spokesperson on her experience of spiritual and material preparation of females for their first childbirth delivery. Whether as a mother, on the screen, in print or in person, Burcu continues to share her unique voice and journey of empowerment and holistic awareness.