The Soul

During this last trimester of pregnancy, you slowly begin to go into a different mood. If the first trimester is like a turbulent and rough sea, the second trimester is when you surf on the waves and the third trimester is when you sit calmly on your board on the water and gaze at the sea.

In my second trimester, my husband and I moved into a house that’s more suita-ble for life with a child, in a greener area, closer to the forest and the sea and far from the city. I was able to keep working as a presenter and a host on TV without any com-plications, because the working conditions I had were reasonable. I even took little trips.

While my doctor told me to rest, I was walking a 6-kilometer parkour once or twice a week, keeping up with everything and spending my days very actively.

When I got to the final trimester, it was as if a huge wave came up, swept every-thing away and made life calmer and quieter. The rhythm of life slowed down, I stopped working, our house move was complete, my research slowed down. I had learned the things I needed to learn and became the nest that I had been trying to build. There was a deep sense of expectation and being in a safe space…

I slowly began to feel a certain amount of distance between me and everything that was being said around me. My baby and I were turning inward! Actually, it was more like me and the universe… Our heartbeats, mother nature, forests, all the layers of the earth, all maternal ancestors and even all female beings… It was as if we were all waiting together! I have heard/read other pregnant women say the same things, it’s a strange feeling that women who are about to give birth can experience.

The third trimester is the time to slow down all the hustle and bustle and turn to yourself. Of course, I’m not suggesting that you listen to yourself all day long. Just al-low yourself to feel the moment and the place you’re in. While you’re pregnant, an in-credibly powerful vibration will congratulate you on your courage and wrap you up in itself because of your desire to be a woman and create life. You need to slow down a little to be able to enjoy it. 

The entire existence is flowing towards you and walking on this road with you. You are not alone by any means. You might have unplanned, unexpected, unwanted issues and flaws in your preparations, in your relationship with your partner, in your work and family lives. Or not everything might go exactly as you imagined. Despite eve-rything, you are safe and you are loved and embraced by the universe.

This is also the right time to clearly define your intentions about how you want to give birth and to take the necessary physical precautions. I assume you’ve read and are clear about the stages of birth by now. If you have a midwife/doula or teachers at the pregnancy classes, they might have filled you in on the details. So you already know that those horror scenarios you see in movies, like suddenly getting birth pains, being shocked and giving birth in a cab before being able to make it to the hospital are far from your reality.

If you stay connected with your body and soul, you’ll know that your body will go through many stages before labor begins and you will not panic. You can go into labor with the support of the entire universe by staying on your breath, maintaining your awareness and trusting the essence of being a woman.

The birth is only a moment. A moment when you’ll feel that you’re alive with every single nerve in your body, and that you can give life. It’ll come and go. You’ll only get the chance to experience it once (or a few times). Whenever I felt confused or fell into doubt during my pregnancy, I reassured myself saying, “If this baby was able to come into my belly, it’ll also know how to come out of it,” and I surrendered.

Surrendering isn’t actually becoming passive and letting others make all the de-cisions. It means you move in harmony with the flow of the process and actively use whatever you have inside of you in terms of strength.

At the end of nine months and ten days, the day will finally come when you’ll need to put to use all the preparations you’ve been making until then, including your bodily and intellectual nutrition, stretching, movements and breathing exercises. It’s actually like going on stage. Maybe you’ve never been up on the stage before and even the thought of it makes you panic. You will be on that stage, but you can imagine that everyone’s eyes are closed, so it’s a more meditative scene. Nobody’s giving any-body notes, nobody’s judging. It’s only you and the universe that is supporting you.

And, you’ll own this thing! Because you can do it!

On one hand you have fear and on the other you have your instincts. Can you let your instincts beat your fears? We live in an age where the normal is an exception and this entire speech and even this whole book stems out of that fact. Women are not even talking about this issue anywhere else in the world. They become pregnant, they prepare themselves, then their due date comes and they just give birth naturally. Hav-ing a baby is a massive responsibility and it can really put a strain on your mind. Hav-ing a living being grow inside of you and even kick you can feel incomprehensible from time to time. Calming your mind and balancing your point of view is possible (breathing + meditation + walking, etc.).

The mind has the ability to produce both positive and negative thoughts and feelings. We always run the risk of not living up to our full potential by constantly pro-ducing negative thoughts, and this is true not only about pregnancy but our entire lives. Similarly, negative thoughts about giving birth, such as “I can’t do it, I can’t han-dle it, I’m not strong enough, what if my pelvis is too narrow, what if the cord gets wrapped around the baby’s neck,” draw us away from our true potentials. Replacing these thoughts with positive thoughts that increase morale and motivation will help with overcoming issues that are caused by pregnancy and experiencing a healthy de-livery.

Words and thoughts are powerful and we can choose carefully what we think about and have a stress-free pregnancy and, eventually, delivery.


Burcu Kutluk


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