Who Can Help After The Birth and How? 40 Precious Days

In some traditional cultures and in Anatolia, there is a practice called a birth circle, where women help other women who give birth. For example, each person takes a turn to bring food, help clean and tidy up the house, take care of the other kids in the house, etc. In this way, the new mother is well taken care of in the first few weeks, she can get a good amount of sleep, eat well and focus on her baby. This circle is priceless. The first 40 days are as important for the mother as they are for the baby. The mother needs all the support she can get as she tries to get her body and her strength back and adapt to life with her new baby.

If you have family members living close by who can provide you with this regular help, that’s great. But if you don’t have any family members near you, you can plan out a similar type of group with some close friends and try to form a help circle. In any case, everyone will be happy to meet the new baby. If you have the means, you can also employ someone to help you out during this period.

On Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is both an amazing feeling and has numerous benefits for the mother and the baby. Our bodies are built so intelligently that the receptors on a mother’s nip-ples change the breast milk according to the baby’s needs. As the baby keeps nursing, the receptors are stimulated and they produce more milk, meaning that nursing your baby more often helps you produce more milk.

The amount of breast milk the body produces is determined according to the ba-by’s needs. The mother’s body gets into this routine particularly in the first three months, and then the amount of milk the baby needs becomes clear. And then the mother’s body produces only the amount of milk required by the baby. Certain foods can help increase the amount of milk in this mechanism.

Cold stewed fruits, made with sugar-free molasses can increase breast milk pro-duction.

Aniseed, fenugreek, fennel, white dead nettle, cinnamon, basil, mint and sesa-me seeds are some of the main herbs that help mothers produce more breast milk. You can prepare salads with these herbs as well as brew tea with them.

Taking good care of the mother, getting her to rest and keeping her away from stress is also very important. The mother should eat a balanced diet as we have talked about in the chapter about nourishment.

Pumping often is also another factor that increases breast milk production.

Herbal Tea to Increase Breast Milk Production

All the herbs in the tea are used in the same amount.

For example, you can use one teacup of each herb to make the mixture.


Aniseed (one cup)

Fennel (one cup)

Black sesame seeds (one cup)

Chamomile (one cup)

Elderflower (one cup)

Combine all herbs in a jar and mix them together. Close the lid tightly before storing.


Put one coffee spoon of the mixture into a teapot. Pour a cup of freshly boiled water over the mixture and put the lid on the pot. Let it brew for 10 minutes. Drink the tea warm after straining it. You can drink it 3 times a day, 20 minute after each meal. You can also drink white dead nettle tea and add dill to your salads to produce more milk.


Burcu Kutluk


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