Music, Book, And Movie Recommendations

As life goes on more easily in the second trimester, please keep minding what you in-vite into your headspace. Our visual memories are powerful and everything we watch is stored away somewhere in our minds, and then they contribute to the production of associated emotions and thoughts.

As you learn to relax and surrender to the process, you should keep visual fic-tional stories that feed your anxieties and fears away from your mind.


Babies, 2010, Thomas Balmès – Documentary,

The Beginning of Life, 2016, Estela Renner – Documentary, 

Birth As We Know It, 2006,Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova – Documentary,


Hypnobirthing – Marie F. Mongan 


Applying a few drops of essential oils, especially lavender, on your pillowcase im-proves sleep quality.



Burcu Kutluk


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