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Bringing a child into the world is a big deal. In recent years, I’ve heard people say that bringing a child into this world is irrational, and felt really bad about it. Because allow-ing a child to be born and guiding that child through life is a huge opportunity to evolve. It’s not an easy task, but I believe it is also the result of some profound feelings.

Still, I admit that having a baby is indeed a big decision. It means expanding, loosening, and transforming all your boundaries. Although I’ve only been a mother for two years, I have started to feel this way since giving birth or rather becoming pregnant and the feeling grows every single day. I hope that you keep your eyes and mind as open as you can on this journey.

9 months and 10 days is the perfect amount of time for pregnancy and at the end of it, you feel ready to take the first step into motherhood.

I believe that all women who can handle being pregnant are extremely brave and that they get their strength from the collective consciousness of all the other women who have given birth before them. That strength protects, supports, and raises them up. The genetic memory of pregnancy and birth is hidden in our DNA and that is why you are not alone in this. Both the body and the soul utilize the strength of their own con-sciousness on this long journey you have set out on.

The entire universe is there for both the baby and the mother on this journey. The road will nurture them together. They will complete one another and face life with a vigor that comes from inside.

Finding out that you’re pregnant, gives rise to a host of different feelings. You might feel worried, afraid, and confused at the same time. Ignoring these feelings might aggravate them and use up your energy. Choosing to experience the joy and happi-ness of being pregnant instead of focusing on the due date is the surest way of keep-ing your body and soul away from the chaos of your mind.

I recommend that you start meditating around this time in order to be able to ap-preciate all stages of your pregnancy and to establish a relationship based on love and trust with your baby. You have nine whole months to accomplish this! You are prepar-ing yourself, body and soul, to provide this new, tiny being with life.

Keeping stress to a minimum is key to a comfortable and happy pregnancy, and you can easily do that through meditation and breathing exercises. However, many people hesitate when it comes to meditation and some even believe that it’s a religious practice. Meditation is actually a scientifically proven method of mind relaxation and deep healing. It is particularly beneficial for those who work very hard and in fast-paced environments and often have to deal with stress both in and outside of their family lives. Meditating not only helps with stress management but also increases crea-tivity, relieves anxiety, and boosts productivity. It’s a simple method that doesn’t cost you anything and helps you go through your pregnancy as comfortably as possible. You can find more details on meditation and a few simple techniques in the upcoming chapters.

Give Both Yourself and Your Baby Some Time to Physically and Emotionally Prepare for This Long Journey

You can also make use of “affirmations” at this point. For example, when you feel that things are getting to be a little too difficult, try to remind yourself of the following:

“This thing that I’m experiencing will only last a short time and it will soon be over.”

“I’m probably about to have the single most extraordinary experience of my life, which will help me grow as a human being, and I can totally do it.”

“I am powerful and I embody the strength of all the powerful women who have come before me.”

“It is going to be a very easy birth.”

“Everything is okay, I recognize my concerns and I let them go. I let things be, and I surrender myself to the natural flow.”

A perspective akin to this in addition to positive thinking can help you stop the stream of unhelpful emotions caused by worry and fear and feel more at ease. When you repeat these affirmations, you will feel yourself calm down and sense your creative energy flowing again.

Learning to calm yourself as a whole in your body is important for both pregnan-cy and birth.

Babies begin to get to know their mothers while they’re in the womb. You are currently its home and feeding it with your energy, so do let your energy shine. You can try touching and rubbing your belly, and talking to your baby from time to time. Ba-bies can perceive everything you say on the level of vibrations and frequency, so you can begin communicating with your baby early on. You can tell your baby how much you want it in your life, how happy you feel that it’s joining you soon and how proud you are that it chose you as its mother. You can share anything that’s in your heart, ei-ther out loud or quietly.

This interaction reminds me of the experiment conducted by the Japanese re-searcher Masaru Emoto on water molecules. Using micro-cameras, Emoto has man-aged to capture the miraculous effect of human consciousness and verbal expression on water molecules. The photographs taken by Emoto clearly show that verbally com-municating sentences such as “I love you,” and “I’m grateful to you,” to the water mole-cules made them expand and flourish. This proves that communication among human beings and the manner of that communication is very important. Then why not start sending your baby those feelings of love and adoration early on?

[The effect of negative thoughts on water/The effect of positive thoughts on water]

As women, we have been blessed with the ability to “create life,” and for those who want to live through that experience, that is an amazing gift. It’s essential that you re-main as flexible and confident as possible during this process.

Unsubstantiated information regarding pregnancy and birth sometimes clouds our judgment. We are influenced by the movies we watch, the stories we hear, or the books we read, and various thoughts and feelings accumulate in our minds. But it’s important for each of us to live through our own experience. Because every single birth and pregnancy is unique and special.

What you read or watch, what you talk about, and with whom… It all matters dur-ing this period in your life. You shouldn’t view it as a luxury to pick and choose what suits you in these regards.

When I was pregnant, I did not read a single negative news article for 9 months and 10 days, nor did I turn on the news on TV, because it’s all demoralizing, anyway. I did not buy any newspapers and was quite picky about what I did on the internet. I completely closed my ears to any horror stories.

Even Though Most Births Happen in Hospitals, It’s not a Disease But a Natural Part of Life.

Even though most births happen in hospitals, it’s not a disease, but a natural part of life. Statistics show that the probability of having problems during birth is 10-13% in the world (WHO). Why is it then that we can’t just relax, make our preparations and experi-ence the natural flow of things? Because of commercial and administrative reasons… Not because of concerns regarding the essence of women and nature. Then let’s just be ourselves and own up to our strength.

As you read this, I wouldn’t want you to think that I am sexist or a feminist. I like men, I respect men and I’m happy to live in this world together with them. However, I believe that there is a serious lack of feminine energy in the world and that as a result of that, masculine energy is incredibly high.

I think that since the right of birth, or rather the ability to give birth was given to women, we should use it in the most natural manner possible and never try to transfer that responsibility to someone else.

In certain stages of pregnancy, especially towards the end of the first trimester, you might frequently feel your emotions fluctuate. Because your relationships, the way you communicate, your way of living, life, and hormones are all changing. You might also experience some changes in your relationship with your partner. He, too, has set out on a journey with you, and even though he doesn’t feel things in the same way, he’ll share the responsibilities with you in the end. You should be understanding and patient with him and tell him how you feel because he is not going through the same intense physical and spiritual changes as you. He is your biggest collaborator and none of this would be happening if it wasn’t for him…

You can light his way and include him in the process by frequently telling him how you are feeling inside or what is going on with your body. This baby was created out of the love you two share, and if you can do everything in your power to honor that fact, the father will definitely feel better, too.

In general, if you do your best to not keep negative feelings bottled up and to maintain a healthy level of communication with the people around you, you’ll feel the physical discomfort much less. Keeping your stress levels low and feeding positive thoughts will help you go through your pregnancy more comfortably.

At times, you might feel consumed by worry and as if you’re blocked, but you’re currently involved in the most creative act in the world, you are in the process of creat-ing a human being. You can reflect that energy in other areas of your life (painting, coloring, sewing, new recipes, journaling, etc.).


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